Why do I need a laptop stand?

Despite the name, using a laptop in your lap can have a variety of negative outcomes. 


Using your laptop in your lap or placed on a flat desk makes retaining good posture very difficult. Elevating your laptop will help you maintain a good posture and will help reduces possible back pain. 


Computers run at their maximum efficiency when they are appropriately cooled and have a steady stream of fresh air. As your laptop sinks deeper into your lap or on a blanket on your bed, less airflow will make it into your computer making it overheat. Using a laptop stand to raise your computer off of a surface will help prevent overheating and allow your computer to perform at its peak.


When placed in a man's lap, the heat a laptop causes is known to cause 'scrotal hyperthermia' or in layman's terms, your bits get too hot. Whilst there are no studies that can confirm that this will lead to infertility, it is worth being safe than sorry. 

The Chopt laptop stand is entirely made of FSC certified birch ply, and its simple design allows for a fast toolless assembly.