Chucking a sickie from your home office: The definitive guide

For some, calling in sick is an Australian pastime, but due to the rapidly changing work climate of 2020, it is harder than ever to justify a day off. Chucking a sickie gives you a day to relax, clear your head, and will make you more productive when back at work. Working from home means that there are a lot fewer excuses for why you can't make it to your desk, so here are a few tips for building your perfect Get off work free card.

Having a cough won't cut it

The lack of co-workers sitting next to you means the age-old "Sorry boss I'm feeling a bit under the weather" won't cut it for a full day out of the digital office. It is crucial to adapt your sickness to something that severely limits your productivity when at a computer. Generally speaking, the more embarrassing the illness, the fewer questions will be asked. 

Be careful on social media

Almost any reason for a sickie means that you should be careful of what you put on the internet. No sunrise Instagram story from your morning walk, no flexing your baking skills on Facebook Live, and certainly no Snapchats to your co-workers.

Put on sunscreen

Spending time outdoors is a great way to spend your day off, but logging onto zoom the next day as red as a lobster or looking like you bathed in a pool of Bondi Sands raises a lot of questions. Don't forget to Slip-Slop-Slap on your day of 'rest'. 

 The strategy:

Prepare your boss the day before by making some subtle complaints about your headache and feeling tired on a Zoom call. Get in early on your day of relaxation, inform your boss of your excruciating light-sensitive migraine. Offer to help out over a phone call as you don't want to let the team down, although you don't know how much help you can be since you won't be able to use your computer as it is too painful. Migraines normally last in the range of four hours to three days, so leave your phone at home while you 'sleep it off' and go enjoy yourself.